Bulk/Corporate Sales/Asset Management

Company Asset Disposal & Recycling

If your company/organisation are looking to recycle and dispose of mobile devices, we offer bulk purchasing at competitive prices.
Whether it be migrating a company work fleet of iPhones to the latest model, or upgrading the classroom's iPads, whatever the case, our service provides an avenue to ensure that you are disposing of your devices responsibly whilst selling them for cash.

We currently have partnerships with corporate Australian companies who want to dispose of their legacy technology assets and are happy to continue expanding these partnerships.
Talk to us if you have a large amount of second hand phones, both working and non-working, that you're interested in selling and trading in.
We also have a corporate office located in Melbourne CBD, and you are welcome to drop off your devices once you have started the process.

Electronic Waste in Australia

Electronic Waste in Australia is growing at three times the rate of normal waste, harshly affecting the environment. 
At Mobile Monster we take pride in providing a sustainable solution for our customers and clients, by providing a fair price for your no-longer-needed or non-working devices.
We make sure that we do our best in minimising the footprint caused by mobile devices and electronic waste on the environment by partnering with sustainable Australian companies to recycle your phones and tablets responsibly, and extending the lifespan of your devices.
We guarantee that the devices we purchase do not end up in the landfill and that we can find your old device another home.

Our Bulk Purchasing Process

1. E-mail us the breakdown of devices you are looking to sell/trade-in on this page.
2. A quote based on the initial condition will be provided, including an estimated time of completion for processing. Instructions will also be included on how to send the devices to us for assessment.
3. Once the devices have arrived, we will confirm delivery and begin our assessment procedures.
4. The final quote will then be provided which will be itemised per device with a complete breakdown of any faults found with the devices during assessment. If there are no faults found you will be provided with the same quote offered at the start of the process.
5. Once the final quote has been accepted, payment will then be made within 24 hours via Cheque, Bank Deposit or PayPal.

Whilst we do have a free reply paid address which will be provided to you, we highly recommened to use a courier service - the cost of postage will also be reimbursed in your final quote.

Please note: Payment does not get released until we receive and assess the goods.
All quotes and final offers made are inclusive of GST.

Please email us here to get started!